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ECO Diesel 10 Tablets Card


ECO Diesel Tablets is an Diesel Booster that has the ability to increase the RON (Research Octane Number) value defined as the ability of gasoline not to burn when it receives pressure in the combustion chamber.



One Tablet for 10L to 12L Diesel. 10 Tablets in 1 Card, INCREASING THE FUEL QUALITY -Increasing 2-5 CN in Diesel MAINTAINING THE MACHINE – Cleaning the plagues of sparking plug, tank, combustion chamber – Protecting the machine from the friction with technology Nano PERFECTING THE COMBUSTION – Omitting the knocking – Enhancing the power and acceleration SAVING THE COST – Saving the fuel up to 50% – Prolonging the oil up to three times ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY PRODUCT – Omitting the CO pollution up to 100% – Omitting the SO2 pollution up to 99%