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ECO Racing 10 Tablets Box


Description of Eco Racing TabletsĀ  , fuel saver and racing octan car and diesel motor Fuel-saving eco racing and raising octan car and diesel motors



One Tablet for 25L to 50L Petrol. 10 Tablets in 1 Box, INCREASING THE FUEL QUALITY -Increasing 5-10 RON in petrol MAINTAINING THE MACHINE – Cleaning the plagues of sparking plug, tank, gasoline combustion chamber – Protecting the machine from the friction with technology Nano PERFECTING THE COMBUSTION – Omitting the knocking – Enhancing the power and acceleration SAVING THE COST – Saving the fuel up to 50% – Prolonging the oil up to three times ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY PRODUCT – Omitting the CO pollution up to 100% – Omitting the SO2 pollution up to 99%